Spring Meltdown, 3.17.18

Will the snow withstand a week of sunshine? Only time will tell. The forecast looks bright and sunny for the next week, which will officially lead us into spring on the 20th of March.

Intense sunlight and warm springtime breezes are heading our way, possibly devastating the trails and lake surfaces with slushy/wet melting snow. If it were not for the last major snowstorm, the 2018 season of snowmobiling and skiing would already be over.

Local riders will play on their sleds to the very end, even on open water, but the tourists that visit us from the Twin Cities often forget about snow sports once they start seeing grass on the golf courses. It is, after all, the first half of March, but the sun feels strong, and the snow base is dwindling with every minute of sunlight. A late season snowstorm could be too late to make a difference.

As water begins to flow with the melting snow, the rivers and streams gain strength and flood the lakes with excess water. We have a small tributary that flows into Devil Track beside our lodge and soon it will carve its way along the shoreline towards the Devil Track River as the lake ice separates from shore. The spring “meltdown” is a beautiful transition seldom witnessed by the many tourists that visit Cook County each year. Our favorite spot for a spring picnic is at the End of the Trail Campground, which overlooks the Seagull River.

Rachelle and I will be sad to see the winter season end, but the thought of warmer days and sunshine on our faces is also enticing. Get out there and take advantage of the nice weather before it all turns wet!

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