Receding Snow, May 4th, 2013

The sun came out and the snow melted. It is nothing short of amazing how fast the ground became exposed this week on the Gunflint Trail. A few patches of white can still be seen in the woods but its days are numbered—especially if we get some rain showers this week.

With the last storm leaving a couple of feet of snow in its path, I thought for sure that spring would be a slow transformation. The snow was melting so fast this weekend that you could actually hear and see it happening. The water absorbed so quickly that my driveway is already dry and hard.

Rachelle and the kids are going to be amazed when they return from the Cities. They left a few days ago so that Rachelle could go to the Fleetwood Mac concert last Sunday at the Xcel energy center with her mother in St. Paul. I know what you are thinking, “Your wife is way cooler than you!”

I opted to stay home and get some interior staining done on the house because I hate traveling in a car with a teething infant. Actually, Rachelle came across a free ticket and I would have had to buy one and I am way too cheap for that.

The ground is thawing fast but it will take a while before we start seeing some open water. Everyone is asking if the ice will be off by the fishing opener on May 11 and I cannot say. I will let you know what the conditions are looking like next week because right now it is too early to tell. Loon Lake and Gunflint both turned dark and slushy on Saturday but they have not separated from shore yet.

When a lake becomes flooded with the melting run-off, it causes the ice to break away from the shore and become a massive floating iceberg. This is the most vulnerable time for docks and waterlines that are in the lake. With a little luck, the iceberg will melt away fast without being shifted around by heavy winds— otherwise the ice gains momentum from the wind and will take out anything in its path.

This is an exciting week on the Gunflint Trail if you are a runner since the Ham Lake half marathon is on Sunday, May 5. If you have any questions about the event you can call Voyageur Canoe Outfitters or visit the website dedicated to the event at

The Ham Run gets bigger every year and once again I plan to drive the sweep vehicle for the short race. Don’t worry, I will not pick on any stragglers this year.

This event raises money for the community and is followed with lunch (ham sandwiches of course) at the End of the Trail parking lot. There will be a shuttle service offered for spectators since traffic will be stopped along the Gunflint Trail during the race.

Trail Center will also be opening this week on the 1st so if you have been craving a logger’s burger with pasta like I have, then get up here and get you some! I am sure they would love to see you.

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