One Last Ride, 3.31.18

Anytime the trails hold up until the last week of March is a bonus, and with a little luck they might still be enjoyed into April.

Skiers will get a little more season then sled heads will since snowmobile trails take more abuse, and the machines require enough snow to keep engines cool and slides lubricated. However, ambitious riders should be able to find a few places to play before hanging it up for the season.

My daughter, Sophia, and I went for one last ride around Devil Track Lake after closing the restaurant last Sunday and were pleasantly surprised at the smooth trail conditions. A few bare spots and icy corners are to be expected this time of year, but the extra attention to grooming these past few weeks has really made a difference in the condition of the trails that we like to ride.

March can be the snowiest month of the season, but that was not the case this year with only a couple of storms to help extend the season for winter enthusiasts. Frigid overnight temperatures have been preserving the snow from daily abuse doled out by the powerful spring sun that exposes a little more earth with each passing day.

This week we closed the restaurant and packed our bags for spring break in Florida to enjoy some real heat with our kids on the beach. I vowed once, or maybe even twice, to no longer visit Florida during Spring Break, but long Minnesota winters somehow dull any bad memories of traffic jams and waiting lists. To my defense, we have decided to try the middle-Keys this time in hopes of finding a little reprieve from the hustle and bustle of our previous home in “not so family friendly” Key Weird – I mean Key West. Regardless, we are all very excited to have a break and are thankful for another great season under our belts at the Skyport Lodge. See you in May.

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