No Luck Fishing, 1.04.18

The anticipated BWCA fishing trip planned for this week was hinging on weather and work both cooperating, but neither did.

Anglers braving the elements on opening weekend for trout earned their catch while battling high winds and subzero temperatures.

Wind chills have been nearing 40-below zero on the gusty days, and lakes are reported to be making as much as 2 inches of ice each night this past week. Heat systems, water lines and septic systems are all vulnerable to harsh freezes— and are one of the reasons I was unable to fish this weekend.

We lost heat in part of the lodge for a few days and were forced to use a couple of electric space heaters to keep the rooms warm.

New Year’s weekend is traditionally busy, but the brutally cold weather kept some folks from traveling. A few riders trickled through the Raven Rock Grill on Friday and Saturday during the lunch hours, and they seemed very appreciative of the warm fire cooking in the fireplace to thaw their gear.

Riders were also happy to see that the snowmobile trails had recently been groomed and the lakes were hard enough to travel across, although a little bumpy from the drifts. We saw very little snowfall this week, due to the temperatures being too cold from the continuous barrage of Canadian clippers descending on us.

I am ready for a warming trend so we can see some snow and get outside to enjoy it.

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