What you need to know

What to bring
Rain Gear, sunglasses, camera, proper Fishing Licenses, lunch and beverages for your group, with a cooler that can also be used to take home filleted fish.
For days in Canada you will also need to have a Remote Area Border Crossing Permit, Passport or Passport Card, I-68 form from the United States Border Patrol, and a Canadian Fishing License (Canadian Fishing License can be purchased on the lake that day if necessary).

Where to meet
If we are fishing on Saganaga Lake or Northern Light Lake we will meet at 8 a.m. at the public boat launch on County Road 81 (Moose Pond Road). We typically fish until 5 p.m. The parking lot is owned by the County and requires a $5/day parking fee. Any other lakes we will pre-arrange a meeting spot and time.

How many people can come
A normal day consists of two guests per guide boat. If one or more are children it is possible to take three guests. If the three guests are all adults we have to consider size limitations. I have a 16 foot aluminum boat with a 25 hp Honda so weight restrictions are an issue to consider. The tag boat can take up to three additional anglers otherwise I can hire more guides in order to handle larger groups.

What we will be fishing for
Walleye are the preferred catch in these parts and it is not unusual, in fact expected, to catch fish in the 28-32 inch range. We are known for Hawg Walleyes more than we are known for limits. Catch and release of the larger Walleyes is highly encouraged and you should expect to be able to take any smaller Walleyes home to eat. Groups that choose to fish two or three days can expect to take home a limit, especially when fishing in Canada.
Lake Trout are a fun option when the Walleyes do not want to bite. I like to vertical jig for them so you get to feel the bite, set the hook, and bring them up from 55-60 feet of water. They average 2-5 pounds and put up a great fight.
Smallmouth Bass and Northern Pike are a fun “by-catch” as well. They tend to be in the same places as the Walleyes so I call them a “by-catch” because you do not have to really target them up here to catch them.

Payment info
Rates can be found on the Pricing/Info page and check or cash is the only form of payment accepted. No Credit Cards Please. I will deduct any deposit $ from the total bill upon payment.