The Buzz of Winter, 12.23.17

Nothing says, “winter” like the buzz of passing snowmobiles that are being heard more frequently as we near the end of another year.

The last snowstorm covered the trails with a fresh eight inches of fluffy snow that is ready to be groomed in time for the holidays, and another 10 inches are predicted to fall this week.

Many of the snowmobile and Nordic ski trails have already been groomed in Cook County, and winter activities are right on schedule. High winds are pushing in a cold front that is expected to settle in for Christmas weekend with high temperatures barely reaching single-digits – brrr.

Devil Track Lake is looking like a white lake with angry seas since the winds have been cranking down the lake all day with gusts reaching 30 mph. The kids insisted on sledding at the Rec Park after school, despite the arctic hurricane, but only lasted a few runs before giving in to Mother Nature’s frigid hand. On the brighter side, they did have the hill to themselves.

We are closing the restaurant from the 24th – 26th so we can escape to the cities for one last break before the season jumps into overdrive. I usually opt to not travel during holiday times, but we were stuck here last year, having only owned the lodge for a few weeks, and it is nice to spend the holidays with family.

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